The grandeur and heritage of the house has been recognised in the room’s design whilst the blue island introduces a contemporary edge. Grace and Henry’s period property in a quaint Essex hamlet required a kitchen to match the grandeur of the rest of the house. Every aspect of their Georgian home exuded quality; from the large, heavy internal doors to the wide, grand hallways, as with every kitchen we design it was crucial that the kitchen connected to the rest of the house. There were a few features of the old kitchen that Grace and Henry liked, such as the island overlooking the garden and the position of the sink; however aside from this they were looking for a total revamp of the space to enhance their newly completed structural work.The utility room walls were removed to create an open space for their new snug.Also three sets of French doors which lined the back wall of the house were replaced with bi-fold doors, opening the kitchen onto the garden and introducing a more contemporary feel in the space. The age and style of the property presented a few design challenges. For example the low windowsills, which are “CREATING A SENSE OF TIMELESS LONGEVITY WAS ALWAYS THE AIM, COUPLED WITH MAKING THE ROOM A FAMILY FRIENDLY SPACE” 75