ABOVE Style | Holkham corner pantry Tucked neatly in the corner this pantry has spice racks, shelves and drawers for storage of tins, jars and other dried foods. LEFT Bespoke hand carved drawers and crates allow for complete personalisation of your pantry With a rich heritage and distinctly British feel, the pantry has become something of a kitchen icon. A well designed pantry or larder will offer storage for a wide variety of products. Dried goods, fresh food, glassware, crockery and even small appliances can all be stored in a single pantry. With so many practical benefits it's easy to forget the most influential reason of all; the sheer beauty of such an endearing piece of furniture. PANTRY STYLE DESIGN CHOICES The different styles of pantry are extensive and include our classic Tillingham pantry and walk in larder amongst others. The bespoke nature of a Davonport pantry enables you to fine tune your design further. For example you have the choice of oak or walnut internals as well as the option to include a marble shelf to help keep fresh produce cool. Incorporating a mirrored back adds to the functionality, making it easier to see what is stored towards the back of the shelves. The door style can also be tailored to suit your specific brief. Doors can be bi-fold, glazed or incorporate spice racks on the interiors for added storage – because it’s handmade to order, you can specify every feature. BESPOKE FINISHING TOUCHES The bottom half of a pantry is often used for storage of fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables and baked goods. Our handmade vegetable crate drawers allow air flow around the items within, helping to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. We offer personalisation of drawers, chopping boards and vegetable crates so they are labelled with the foods your family most frequently enjoy. In the past we've personalised our vegetable crates with everything from 'treats & cheats' to 'Charlie's snacks'. We also offer to carve a family or house name above the pantry doors, providing a truly bespoke and handcrafted finishing touch. With so much choice in design and options for personalisation, there is a pantry to suit every style of kitchen. From a pull out larder unit to an extensive walk in pantry we will create a pantry or larder perfectly built around you. 37