The primary function of a mantel is to house the extractor fan, making it a discreet feature in the room to be in keeping with a traditional design. The columns on either side of a mantel can be designed to include additional storage such as drawers or spice cupboards, to keep all your cooking essentials within easy reach of the hob. The over mantel and corbels which support it can be designed to suit your taste with as much or as little detail as you desire. The Tillingham mantel or canopy is popular with subtle, classic design features. If you are looking for a more architectural mantel or canopy the Audley is much bolder with heavier detail on the corbels and a stepped profile. A canopy houses an extractor in the same way as a mantel but does not take up any additional work surface. The canopies pictured exemplify how the look of a mantel can be retained whilst leaving your worktop space unaffected. If you're torn between a canopy and mantel reflect on the work surface you already have planned for your kitchen and decide whether you would benefit from additional storage or extra work space. RIGHT Style | Tillingham Subtle and unassuming, this canopy sits discreetly within classic and contemporary schemes alike. ABOVE Style | Audley A stepped profile and curved corbel returns give this canopy a bold aesthetic and architectural feel. LEFT Style | Tillingham On either side of the grand mantelpiece is additional storage in the form of drawers and cupboards; perfect for keeping oils and spices. 35