“If you have a beautiful kitchen it seems a shame to clutter it with other things, so one of my goals is not to have much on the work surface” explains Sarah.With a growing family and all the kitchen clutter that comes with it, Peter and Sarah required a kitchen with a copious amount of storage space.Two pantries were incorporated into the design - one with bi-fold doors for all of Sarah’s cookery books and baking appliances to be stored, whilst the second larder cupboard is for storage of dried food. Peter and Sarah’s kitchen has all the charm and traditional touches needed to suit their Nineteenth Century home but with modern features that make it a useful, family friendly space for them and their young children. It is the perfect balance of old and new with a true sense of timelessness and endearing quality. NINETEENTH CENTURY COUNTRY MANOR CLIENT JOURNEY “WE TALKED ABOUT THE STYLES THAT I LIKED AND THE HISTORY OF THE HOUSE AND TRIED TO TIE IT IN” Sarah The best seat in the house, a bespoke upholstered window seat. 46