Kitchens are frequently multi-functional spaces, designed to be used for every part of our increasingly complex lives. Carla and Ben’s kitchen was no exception. Their six bedroom home in South West London was chosen for its proportions – a generously sized garden and large living spaces were perfect for their growing family.With three children, two dogs and two cats this was a home that had to be robust and ready for family life, nowhere more so than the kitchen. Ben and Carla also enjoy hosting dinner parties; therefore it was crucial that their kitchen had to function as not only a comfortable and welcoming family space, but also the hub for their Saturday night entertaining. Aware of the challenge that lay before them, Carla and Ben knew from the outset that only a bespoke kitchen company would be suitable for their project. On finding Davonport Carla felt a huge sense of relief;“because everything is custom-made, we knew we could have the room exactly as we wanted it”.The open plan layout of the property meant it was important that the kitchen connected to the formal dining room and relaxed seating areas that adjoin it, and above all else the room had to be multifunctional. The sheer size of the kitchen lent itself to featuring a large island – at nearly four metres long this forms the core of the design.A banquette seating arrangement was designed for one end of the island, providing an informal dining area and somewhere that the children could gather to do their homework or catch up on the events of the day.The cooking zone is positioned on the opposite side of the room to the table, ensuring that there is no potential danger of hot spillages around the seating area.The kitchen flows into a relaxed family room with a sofa and television.This means that Carla and Ben can be stood in the kitchen cooking whilst still involved in the goings on in the next room. “BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CUSTOM-MADE, WE KNEW WE COULD HAVE THE ROOM EXACTLY AS WE WANTED IT” Carla CLIENT BEN & CARLA LOCATION SOUTH WEST LONDON COLLECTION BELGRAVIA PAINT COLOURS LAMP ROOM GREY & DOWNPIPE, BOTH FARROW & BALL WORKTOPS ORGANIC WHITE QUARTZ The four metre long island with banquette seating in Carla and Ben’s kitchen is the core of this multifunctional room designed to be enjoyed at Saturday night dinner parties and quiet Sunday breakfasts alike. SOUTH WEST LONDON TOWNHOUSE CLIENT JOURNEY 50