By choosing to use a bespoke company for a small kitchen project you are far more likely to obtain your dream kitchen as clever design and storage solutions will enable you to fit more into the room than perhaps initially considered. Amanda came to Davonport for a new kitchen for her converted stable block. The dimensions of her room were small – measuring just 2.1m x 4.2m therefore she was concerned that her dream kitchen was too ambitious for a room of this size. Amanda’s wish list was extensive, she wanted her kitchen to include; an oven, steam oven, warming drawer, hob, boiling water tap, wine storage and a utility cupboard large enough to house her vacuum cleaner and boiler. This was on top of wanting to keep her existing American style fridge freezer. Expert bespoke design realised this wish list to create a beautiful and functional kitchen, which despite its modest proportions feels spacious and light. Clutter in a small kitchen can totally ruin the atmosphere; therefore it was essential that adequate storage was incorporated to avoid crowded worktops. The utility cupboard was designed to be large enough to fit other kitchen essentials as well as the vacuum cleaner and boiler, as specified in the brief. The narrow space between the fridge/freezer and the utility cupboard was fully optimised by incorporating a vertical wine rack and bespoke lap tray storage. Internal drawers– where one drawer front opens to reveal multiple drawers within – were also integrated into the design to provide extra storage without complicating the lines of the furniture. The Audley collection was chosen by Amanda as she felt it complemented the heritage of the building with its timeless appearance. In order to make the room feel as spacious as possible white was chosen to hand paint the cabinetry, encouraging light to reflect around the room. The peninsula which separates the kitchen from the living area features an internally lit glazed cabinet for glassware. This gives depth and the illusion of added space. Many people assume that their room is simply too small for a bespoke kitchen but in reality there is no such thing. By opting for bespoke design the cabinetry will be made to your specifications, ensuring that every inch of the room is well used. This enables you to make the most of whatever sized room you have; creating a small but stunning and highly ergonomic kitchen. The utility cupboard was designed to house the boiler, vacuum cleaner and other cleaning essentials out of sight but within easy reach. A walnut internal drawer provides cutlery storage without the need for an extra drawer front, helping to maintain clean lines in the room. 33