The evolution of the modern kitchen as the focus, the centre, the very heart of life in the home has brought exciting innovations in style, materials and functionality. But a kitchen is much more than a practical, functional space or even a piece of interior design. Of course it can make a statement about your style and taste, but actually, the best kitchen is the one that reflects the life you lead. It may contain an abundance of new technologies, or be an exquisite example of functional practicality but it should always blend seamlessly into your lifestyle and enhance your enjoyment of your home.As the centre of your home your kitchen should work in harmony with your lifestyle so that when you are in it all feels right in the world.At Davonport we take the task of creating such an influential room very seriously and we appreciate being trusted to create this for you. The journey towards realising your dream starts with our ambition to create your perfect living space and determination to apply our knowledge, skills and experience to creating your bespoke kitchen, designed exclusively for you. With more than two decades of experience we have developed many styles and designs for a variety of tastes. From classic to modern, minimal to traditional, we have supplied living environments to many discerning customers. QUALITY IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT 5