LEFT This wide but shallow larder cupboard was designed with the primary focus of storing dried food with a mirrored back making it easier to see the contents of the shelves. RIGHT The drawers and spice cupboard built into the mantel surround subtly add storage, creating the ideal space for oils, herbs and spices within easy reach when cooking. The positioning of the kitchen in relation to the playroom makes it easy for Sarah and Peter to keep an eye on their children whilst cooking. “ONE OF MY GOALS IS NOT TO HAVE MUCH ON THE WORK SURFACE” Sarah The colours were very important to Sarah;“I had a little mood board of things that I had found and liked, which helped.”A combination of subdued green and creams was decided upon - a subtle balance between contemporary colour schemes and classic design. In order for the kitchen to function as a practical space to cook and gather with the family it had to have ergonomics at the centre of its design.The island is the dominant feature in the room, but aware that it had to blend subtly with the rest of the house, curved cabinetry and a round walnut breakfast area were added to soften the overall impact of such a large island. 45