RIGHT The open pot board on the island is ideal for storing heavy pots and dishes. FAR RIGHT Open shelves next to the tall cupboards provide great open storage for cookbooks. “THE TALL LARDER BUILT-IN CUPBOARD… IS FANTASTIC BECAUSE I CAN GET TO IT EASILY FROM THE ISLAND, BUT I CAN SHUT IT OFF” Sandra In her quest to keep the look of the room simple and understated Sandra was keen to reduce the amount of wall cupboards in the space;“I’m a bit over wall cupboards and besides I’m not very tall so I’d need a ladder to get into them.” Instead she opted for a single bank of tall cupboards running along one wall to incorporate the fridge, freezer and pantry. “It’s the most fabulous place to cook.The tall larder built-in cupboard with all my baking equipment in is fantastic because I can get to it easily from the island, but I can also shut it off.” The flow between the kitchen and living space is totally uninterrupted and the combination of colours and textures enhances the rustic, coastal atmosphere in the space. Individual features such as the open potboard really strengthen the feeling of relaxed homeliness and whilst this is a stunning room with huge aesthetic appeal, above all else it’s a fully functional kitchen designed to be enjoyed by chef and guest alike.“The relaxed feel of the whole space means I’m never fazed about how many pots and pans I have out or how many people I might have to feed.” 63