CLIENT JULIE & NEIL LOCATION KELVEDON, ESSEX COLLECTION TILLINGHAM PAINT COLOURS BESPOKE COLOURS FROM DAVONPORT WORKTOPS CLOUDY BLACK & MORE QUARTZ A careful balance between traditional features and modern design was required for Julie and Neil’s Georgian inspired home. The 2.6m high ceilings are accentuated by the grand mantel whilst the sophisticated colour palette introduces a contemporary edge. For the kitchen in their Georgian style new build Julie and Neil had contrasting views on what they were looking for. For Neil the dream was a traditional kitchen with a gorgeous mantel to emphasise the 2.6m high ceiling, whereas Julie liked the simplicity of modern design.“We wanted a blend of classic and contemporary” explains Julie.“Our Davonport designer was very good at creating a design with traditional features combining shaker- style doors and the grand over-mantel, but interpreted with clean lines and in a modern mix of greys”. With a precise balance between classic and contemporary required Julie and Neil placed great importance on finding the right company to create their dream kitchen.After an initial design consultation Julie and Neil felt confident that Davonport was perfect for their brief.“I loved the look of the furniture and could see that the cabinetry is beautifully made” explains Julie,“we also liked the fact that everything is made locally, and to our exact specification.” Deciding on the layout of their new kitchen was relatively simple as the layout of the previous kitchen served as a guide. However, the island in their old kitchen was quite small so Julie was keen to introduce a larger, more complex island in their new room.“I wanted more work surface for preparing food, and space to create a sociable area with bar stools.The new island makes much better use of the space, and creates the sociable hub of the room.”The island became the core of the design – a walnut breakfast bar was introduced which is perfect for Benjamin, Julie and Neil’s son, to sit and catch up after a day at school. Integrated chopping boards and open shelving are also incorporated which add to the beauty as well as functionality of the island. “I LOVED THE LOOK OF THE FURNITURE AND COULD SEE THAT THE CABINETRY IS BEAUTIFULLY MADE” Julie THE PERFECT BLEND CLIENT JOURNEY 66