As per Neil’s vision of his new kitchen, a grand mantel frames the range cooker and hides the extractor fan as well as providing clever additional storage and adding to the room’s atmosphere. In order to balance the proportions of the mantel, designed to accentuate the high ceilings in the room, the fridge and freezer are housed in an equally tall cupboard. The uncomplicated layout of the room enables all focus to be drawn to the furniture itself with standout features, such as the mantel and open shelving with arched rail on the island, catching the eye.The completed project is just as Julie and Neil had envisaged – classic design features implemented in contemporary ways to create the perfect balance between traditional and modern.The grey/green tone on the cabinetry is modernised by the statement darker hue on the island.The Nickel cup handles throughout the room also serve as a subtle contemporary accent. Opening onto a dining area, this kitchen was always designed to be an enjoyable space that’s easy to use, this has certainly been the case for Julie and Neil;“it’s a room that now feels elegant and ideal for entertaining and family life.” “IT’S A ROOM THAT NOW FEELS ELEGANT AND IDEAL FOR ENTERTAINING AND FAMILY LIFE” Julie RIGHT A contemporary colour scheme balances some of the more traditional features in the room, creating the classic but contemporary aesthetic that Neil and Julie were keen to achieve. OPP PAGE The grand mantel acts as a stunning focal point in the room, designed to accentuate the 2.6m high ceilings in the property. THE PERFECT BLEND CLIENT JOURNEY 70