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It takes a very imaginative designer to be shown a large empty space in a new-build property and instantly be able to visualise the look of the room.

But that’s exactly what neillerner and his team in Finchley Road have done for the last 25 years. We are proud of our creative kitchen designs in homes all over North London and the suburbs.

Like many of Neil’s clients, this family in Radlett, Hertfordshire have had several kitchens from neillerner kitchen design over the years as they develop properties for a living and need reliable suppliers as partners in each project.

In addition, these clients really enjoy being part of the design process and want to be involved in every aspect of the detail. Neil and his team openly welcome such involvement in a new kitchen project as careful planning is key to success.

This elegant kitchen consists of a long row of white handleless units in high gloss lacquer and an equally long central island with thick Silestone worktops to match.

To keep the minimalistic look required within the open plan, there is plenty of storage space thanks to the swathe of tall larder units and even a special ‘breakfast cupboard’ to conceal all the associated paraphernalia at a moment’s notice.

Believe it or not, over 10 appliances have been installed in this kitchen – without breaking up the smooth run of units. Says Neil: “We specialise in finding ways of increasing storage and reducing clutter. It’s vital in an open plan kitchen design”

“It’s very much a team effort as we want to be involved every step of the way. Neil and his team are absolutely fine about this. In fact, they encourage our input. They understand how important it is to get it all right at the outset by detailed planning. That’s why we rely on them to bring our vision to life”
— The home owner

“For a kitchen to work effectively, the designers and the clients need to work closely together from day one. After all, it’s the clients who will be using the kitchen, not us, so it has to exceed their expectations – as well as ours”

— Neil
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