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‘A semi open-plan kitchen with plenty of room for dining and entertaining’ was the brief from the owners of this brand new neillerner kitchen in West London.

The family had lived on the same road for several years so when they needed more space for their three boys, they decided to make life easy and just to move a few doors along when the perfect opportunity arose!

Design Director, Eve Turner was tasked with bringing this exciting project to life and she worked very closely with the owners’ appointed interior design team to ensure that there was total synergy and the brief was fulfilled.

At neillerner kitchen design, we often work with architects and interior designers to bring a project to fruition.  We know how important it is for our clients to be confident that all the specialist skills involved can liaise with each other in the overall scheme.

The look envisaged by the clients could probably best be described as a combination of German-made furniture with softer English tones.  In order to achieve this dual aspect objective, Eve suggested a mix of stainless steel units with hand-painted wooden cabinets, all bespoke and designed to blend into the plan.

The stainless steel cabinets double up as a great feature ‘wall’ to one side of this kitchen.  The ribbed glass doors hide all the kitchen equipment and a large larder unit is also incorporated within the design for generous storage capacity.

Eve specified two different types of marble for this kitchen: man-made marble called Porcelain Neolith for the work surfaces and wall cladding as it’s virtually indestructible and a real marble piece on the front of the island to reflect the natural beauty of stone.  Both are unique and impossible to copy for an individual style.

Little touches like the brass accents for the taps and sliding catches on the cabinet doors make this elegant kitchen even more special.  All had to be specially sourced by Eve and the neillerner team to ensure that they were the ideal choice.

Suffice to say, the owners are absolutely delighted with the finished product, which meets all the requirements requested in the initial brief – and much more besides!

“Finding the perfect item to complete the look can take quite a long time and often requires a significant amount of research by the designer.  Having said that, it’s hugely rewarding when we find exactly what we are looking for.  These relatively small details are hugely important to the overall design because they provide the finishing touches to the kitchen and make it totally bespoke”

— Design Director, Eve Turner
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