4 5 INTRODUCTION Just like with each person, you can make a portrait of each en- vironment. The observer can have a distracted glance at the image or decide to look into the details to grasp what makes it special, whether a colour, or a shape, or the combination of both. Furniture plays a key role, like a protagonist, because it gives meaning to the whole as the actors on a scene give it to the story. Compositions, connections, combinations of mat- ter and colour. Harmony and contrast. A whole that can be understood if viewed from the right distance, like a contem- porary artwork, but that like true art, does not forget details. For perhaps it will be a detail to reveal which architecture we find ourselves in, which city the landscape that is glimpsed through the window belongs to, whether it is summer or win- ter, dawn or dusk. And even those who inhabit those spaces, their tastes and habits, their personality. A point of arrival that can become a starting point as an idea or inspiration. Poliform presents its portraits of interiors, suggestions of style where minimalistic lines and measured proportions, harmonious shades and discreet shapes, refined materials and precious details describe diverse experiences of con- temporary living. Images of environments where architecture and furniture are one and a subtle thread unites every area of the house with the cultured and elegant taste that has always characterized Poliform, one of the most important compa- nies of the Made in Italy in the world of international furniture. Advanced and exclusive solutions, such as the day and night systems and the kitchens, now branded Poliform, excellent both in design and functionality. Complex and complete pro- jects where every detail has the right weight and contributes to making the whole unique. Portraits that ultimately show how an idea of style can be implemented in a personal and coherent way in different contexts, to always create some- thing new and extraordinary.